Types of Safaris



  • Our camping experience offers a simply magical and authentic safari experience. Camping is a wonderful way to experience the parks of Northern Tanzania. While you relax from your day's journey, your guides will set up your tent as your chef prepares a delicious meal over an open fire. The campsites are equipped with western restroom facilities and running water. Travelers are protected by park rangers who patrol the area twenty-four hours a day. This security allows campers the opportunity to lie down, relax and listen to the sounds of the animals at night as they drift off to sleep and dream of the next day's adventure.

Luxury Camping

  • Do you crave seclusion, adventure, and the unspoiled beauty of nature? Luxury camping offers travelers most of the amenities of a four star hotel in a camp setting. Permanent tents come equipped with comfortable beds, private western style restrooms and hot showers. Luxury campsites are fully staffed to provide a high level of personalized attention. You can even order room service or in this case, tent service.


  • We offer fine luxury accommodations in a remote private concession. Whether they are located in the city or in the bush, lodges are built and landscaped to provide a sense of tranquility and remoteness. While there are many different types of lodges in Tanzania, they all have excellent service. Most lodges have Internet cafes, full bars and restaurants, laundry service, money exchange service and gift shops.

Luxury Lodges

  • Our Luxury Lodge experience offers magnificent views, spacious rooms, well-appointed facilities and exceptional wildlife viewing Luxury lodges offer the perfect environment to indulge yourself. These lodges are equivalent to four and five star hotels. Many luxury lodges have spa facilities, world class cuisine, breathtaking views and nightly entertainment. Luxury lodges are as diverse as Tanzania itself. Some are built in treetops, among the rocks of the Serengeti, on coffee farms, and overlooking the Ngorongoro Crater. While they may be different they all offer top of the line service.